Monday, April 27, 2009

My own office for a day

On Friday I made the trek out to West Caldwell, NJ to visit my team in what has become the main office for the business unit of my company that I work for.  The effect of this was twofold:
For one, it took me three fucking hours to get to work, though that was mainly because of the lack of information available on what forms of transportation are available. 
On the other hand, I had my own office for a day.


It's funny the effect having your own office has on you.  For example, I no longer had my back to the world, so I was not paranoid about who was looking at what I was doing.  One would think this would lead to me slacking off more, but in reality all it did was make me more relaxed and able to concentrate on my work.  

Another advantage was that people approached me in a different manner.  Normally people will just storm up to a person sitting at a table or in a cubicle and start talking.  I combat this at my normal desk with headphones, though that seems to only somewhat be a deterrent.  When you have your own office, however, it's totally different.  People would stop in my doorway and ask if I had a minute, or if they could come in and talk.  Once they were in, however, they would take a seat and converse about things having nothing to do with why they were there.  Not in a bad way, mind you, it was actually amusing to have three people in the office just talking about stuff.

My adventure was only to last that day, however, because I am sure that the next time I trek out to that locale someone will occupy that office, like an actual boss, and I'll be shoved somewhere else.