Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am apparently secretly the son of Andre the Giant

It's been a weird thing that to Africans and African Americans I am often asked if anyone has ever told me I look like Andre the Giant.   A white friend of mine agreed with the assessment once, but it seems to mostly be the domain of black people.

The most recent time this happened, I was tired and getting out of work, and decided to take a cab home.  As I walked from the front door of my building to a cab that was already pulled over, the driver looked at me and SHOUTED "Andre the giant!!!"    Apparently a wrestling fanatic, my entire ride home was filled with talk about Hulk Hogan's family, and how I should bodyslam his son.  It was nice enough, I just included it because it's a perfect example of how this happens.

Before that, I was buying a game for my 360, and the female clerk said "Did anyone ever tell you you look like Andre the giant?"  I actually looked at her, and was surprised because she couldn't have been over 21, and said "You know, only black people seem to think that, but yeah, I get it all the time."

There was a point to this blog, but I totally forget what it is.  In the end though I don't think I look that much like Andre the giant, though it's awesome to be compared to that great man.

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Vegan Craft Samples said...

andre the giant must have been a babe then
thats all i can figure
so basically people everywhere are telling you how sexy you are